Web Developer
Javascript Enthusiast
Idea Factory
I'm a self-taught developer with over 8 years of exciting experiences with web development.
I'm always looking out for challenging work that inspires me to push boundaries.

I love creative problem solving, architecting solutions and mentoring other developers, passing on the finer details I've picked up over the years.

I'm constantly learning new tools and I'm not afraid to experiment with them in my projects.
I spend a lot of my spare time hacking together my next bazillion dollar idea or catching up with tech trends.
Facebook/Twitter API
Other stuff I've worked with:

SalesForce AmpScript Heroku Google App Engine Cloud9 Grunt/Gulp Git SublimeText Eclipse SASS Express Chrome Extensions
Associate Technology Director – Mirum | View >>> Nov 2016 - Present
Overseeing many high profile projects at once, I work with all departments in the agency to ensure every project is well planned, technically sound and executed on time.
PHP NodeJS Javascript
Lead Fullstack Developer – Jam Direct | View >>> Nov 2015 - Nov 2016
Working in a fast-paced environment, I was involved in multiple SalesForce Marketing Automation projects, starting right from ideation, creating tech-briefs & time estimates and choosing the right technology stacks, to curating code style-guides, implementing best practices, setting up project skeletons and basic logic. Also responsible for mentoring several front-end and back-end developers in order to help them achieve project goals, as well as to troubleshoot/train them whenever necessary, in Salesforce's proprietary tools including ExactTarget, AmpScript and Marketing Cloud. Sucessfully deployed many Email campaigns and auxiliary microsites and landing pages.
Salesforce AmpScript Server-side Javascript Python PHP MySQL
Senior Front-End Developer – St. Joseph Communications | View >>> June 2015 - Nov 2015
Worked on several interesting internal projects and client projects, leveraging Angular JS, Material Design elements, Python, PostgreSQL, Swagger.io, PHP/MySQL, Node.js and MongoDB. Also participated in Docker Global Hack Day to help build a creative solution to automate everyday Docker processes.
HTML5 AngularJS Node.js Python Swagger.io
Senior Developer – Secret Location | View >>> Feb 2015 - May 2015
Worked on an exciting project for RedBull, pulling data from their vast content pool API and showcasing it in an organized, beautiful layout. As the senior developer, I was responsible for mocking up layouts with temporary data, detailed styling and smooth functionality of the site. Made extensive use of AngularJS, Stylus and Jade for routing, data binding, and smoothly transitioning between different pages.
HTML5 Stylus Coffeescript AngularJS Gulp Jade
Co-Founder/CTO – Gob | View >>> Sep 2014 - Feb 2015
Built an innovative startup idea, which makes it easy for busy professionals to simplify their lunch process. I was responsible for the entire technical setup, including handling payments (with Stripe), synchronized texting (with Twilio), the user facing website as well as an admin dashboard. Also contributed to the business development and made pivotal contributions to the direction of the startup.
We got a lot of positive press around the web, and were featured on BlogTO
HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Node.js Stripe API Twilio API
Developer – Zealios Sun Activated Coupon | View >>> June - July 2014
Worked on a neat little single page app that makes use of the little known ambientLightEvent to power a Sun activated coupon. The app was well received and has been featured on Mashable, DesignTaxi and other prominent tech-blogs.
The app was also nominated for the Webby Awards 2015
(via TBWA/Toronto)
HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Node.js
Developer – Gatorade Science of G | View >>> Feb - April 2014
Created an interactive, immersive experience for Gatorade's Science of G microsite which was part of a bigger project of converting their main site from Flash to HTML5.
(via TBWA/Toronto)
HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Node.js MongoDB
Web Developer – TBWA\Toronto | View >>> Sep 2013 - Oct 2014
Landed a second opportunity to work full-time for this world renowned digital agency.
I work for various internal and client projects using bleeding edge tools and progressive development techniques.
Node.js Chrome Extensions HTML5 CSS3 Javascript AngularJS MongoDB
Web Developer – PixxelTronix | View >>> July 2013
Created a portfolio website for a freelance graphic designer based in New Zealand. I took up this project as a personal challenge and an opportunity to experiment with CSS3 animations, and with some very creative input from the designer, we created a unique product that is completely asynchronous and works great across modern devices.
HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Node.js jQuery
Front-End Developer – The Marketing Store | View >>> March - August 2013
Worked on the UI for various client-facing webtools. Converted a lot of code from HTML/CSS into clean, readable HAML and LESS. Also worked on some neat Javascript solutions to handle most validations, requests and major data-changes asychronously.
HTML5 LESS Javascript PHP
Front-End Developer – Blast Radius | View >>> Jan 2013
Created the Levi's Made and Crafted and Levi's Vintage Clothing using Grails framework. Coded custom javascript functionality over existing libraries like FlexSlider to create a seamless user experience. Hand-coded the site from PSD guides using LESS.
Developer – TBWA\Toronto 25th Anniversary Holiday Card Dec 2012
Created a replica of a DOS-type questionnaire as part of TBWA\Toronto's 25th Anniversary Holiday Card.
Worked with designers to make the website look as authentic-looking as possible.
HTML5 CSS jQuery
Web Developer – TBWA\Toronto | View >>> Mar - July 2011
As part of a great worldwide agency, I worked on the re-vamp of Visa Canada's website. Was involved in re-creating the site in HTML5, replacing Flash components with CSS3 and Javascript. Made the pages compatible across browsers and devices, with an adaptive layout implementation.
Socioma for Google Chrome Nov 2010 – Feb 2011:
Created browser extension for Google Chrome. I was responsible for the idea, design and programming behind both the website and the extension, and I was doing it on my spare time as a hobby-turned-obsession. Strangely enough, this went viral on 4chan and other shady, niche forum spaces, reaching upto 1 million monthly pageviews before I had to shut it down, owing to the unexpected surge in server costs. My first taste of viral internet success and a project very close to my heart.
Chrome HTML CSS AJAX jQuery Python Django
Web Programmer – Maknet Corporation | View >>> Oct – Mar 2010:
Was responsible for development, email campaigns and maintenance of websites for various clients across Canada, USA and overseas. Was also part of the technical support team and helped clients solve website/email/hosting related issues over the phone.
PHP MySQL ASP.NET HTML CSSjQuery Python Django
Web Programmer –Palmleaf Productions September 2009:
Worked on a short term project, involving PHP/HTML formatting and web-site redesigning for a Las Vegas city guide website.
PHP HTML CSSJavascript

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